262.6-4. Process to restrict Constitutional activities on County property

Every exemption of specific County properties or specific regulation of Constitutional activities will be approved and enacted pursuant to Government Code ____, only after all of the following have occurred:

(a) Prior to drafting of exemption or regulation, review by the Humboldt County Human Rights Commission and the Board of Supervisors of the documentation of significant governmental interest provided as justification.

(b) Pre-publication of language containing exemption or regulation on the homepage of the County website, and prominently displayed at the specific property.

(c) Notification to any news organization, civic organization, or individual who has provided contact information for the purpose of being notified related to Constitutional activities on County properties.

(d) At least one public hearing regarding the exemption or regulation to be held by staff at the site, or at the nearest appropriate facility.

(e) There will be a two week notice of any public hearing and all public hearings will be noticed through press releases to all news organizations which have requested notification of meetings and or hearings.

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