Enough Emergency Storage?

Oral Comment at Council Meeting (9/15/08):

At the workshop on the Stewart Street replacement there was some question as to whether using Vancil would infringe on emergency need. To help answer this I give you this graph, which breaks down the recommended storage need for the city.

On the right is the recommended storage, almost 4.5 million gallons. It has been broken down to show that emergency needs are built into the recommendation.
  • At the top is 1.5 million gallons for emergency fire flow. As this adds fire flows for each zone, some of this could also be available for another type of emergency.
  • The middle section is what is needed for maximum day usage. In an emergency, this is also available.
  • The bottom one third is the average usage. In a emergency, usage can be reduced to provide extended water availability.
On the left, in blue, is current storage, over 6 million gallons. This does not include the two leaking reservoirs, one at Stewart St. and Holman. Let's compare this to the recommended need, starting at the bottom of the right column.
  • Currently on an average day, we use 1.5 million gallons and there are 5 million gallons, or 3 1/3 days of average use, in reserve.
  • In the middle, an additional 1.5 million gallons needed for peak usage days. Currently on peak days we use 3 million gallons and have 3.5 million in reserve.
  • At the top of the right column is represented the 1.5 million gallons of emergency water for fire fighting.
With current storage, on a peak usage day, with a fire in every pressure zone, there would be
2 million gallons in reserve.

I ask that you seriously consider whether there is a better use for 4 million dollars than building another 2 million gallon reservoir.

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