1992 Scotia Earthquake fire

From the National Geophysical Data Center website:
"The mall was destroyed by a fire on April 26. It is believed that the fire resulted from an electrical short caused by the earthquake. Before the fire, the mall consisted of five one- to two-story, wood-frame, commercial buildings including a lumber yard, pharmacy, coffee shop, grocery store, and variety store. While local firefighters were attempting to save the mall, the second major shock occurred, snapping the town's water main. Firefighters drew water from a nearby log pond in order to continue fighting the fire. Telephone, gas and electricity services were interrupted. Total damage in Scotia was estimated at between $10 and $15 million."(emphasis added)

This information was confirmed in a phone conversation with the Scotia Fire Department on Mar 16, 2009.

Photo credit:
Lindie Brewer,
U.S. Geological Survey
To see full resolution of these images go to: http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/nndc/struts/results?eq_1=16&t=101634&s=0&d=4&d=44
I found a couple magnificent photos of the fire. They are copyrighted but can be seen at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/drosscameron/1113634271/in/set-72157601347968210/

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