Water Revenue Bonds

This is the first two pages, or Cover, for the Official Statement. Clicking the image will enlarge. On page 2 it reads:
"...This Official Statement is not to be construed as a contract with the purchasers of the 2006 Bonds.

When used in this Official Statement...the words...'project'... and similar expressions identify 'forward looking statements.' Such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contemplated in such forward-looking statements."

The Official Statement contains information on the use of the bonds for water system improvements.

on page 4:
A portion of the proceeds of the 2006 Bonds will be used to finance certain improvements to the Water System, including replacement of water storage facilities and upgrade and repair of three of the system's reservoirs (the "2006 Water Project").
on page A-8:
"Water Project" means any additions, betterments, extensions or improvements to the Water System designated by the City Council... "2006 Water Project" means the capital improvements described...and such additions, substitutions and deletions as shall be specified in a Certificate of the City stating that such additions, substitutions or deletions constitute part of the 2006 Water Project.
. . .
"Water System" means all facilities for the production, storage, treatment and distribution of water... now owned by the City and all other properties, structures or works hereafter acquired and constructed by the City and determined to be a part of the Water System, together with all additions, betterments, extensions or improvements to such facilities...

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