Water rates reduced in 1966

"Council Keeps Faith With Pledge to City"
Humboldt Beacon, November 18, 1965, page 1
Keeping faith with the residents of Fortuna, members of the city council Monday night instructed the city attorney to prepare an ordinance amendment. . . to reduce Fortuna city water rates for 1966 by approximately $12,000 annually. This will give local water users the lowest comparable rates in Humboldt county.

Acting Mayor Herman Bistrin received unanimous support from council members in declaring that the Fortuna water department is now in shape to reduce rates. Several years ago, rates were increased to permit the city to make major improvements without bonding the city, with the understanding that when possible old rates would be restored or improved...
The water department has shown a steady operating revenue, with an operating profit of $44,881 during the past year. Both Dinsmore and Lucas reported to the council it would be safe economy to make the reduction, which for this city is the equivalent of another major tax cut. [emphasis added]
Note: While the above article states that rates were increased to avoid bonding the city, an earlier news account indicated that at some point the city had issued a bond:

. . .The tax rate had been set previously at 50 cents, plus 16 cents for bond interest and redemption. [emphasis added]
From: "May Expand Rohner Park Facilities"
Humboldt Beacon, August 20, 1964, page 1

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