1967 plan

This map, copied from the 1967 Humboldt County - Fortuna General Plan Project, shows what was planned for the city's water storage two years after the flood.

The city's Vancil Street and Stewart Street Properties have been highlighted in yellow (click on map to enlarge). The plan in '67 was that Stewart Street would no longer be zoned for public facilities; Vancil reservoir was to be the city's water storage.

Today well pumps and city piping deliver water to the Stewart Street property where a pump station moves the water up to Vancil. Without Stewart Street, pumping directly to Vancil would increase the pressure in the pipes. One option is a new pipe from the wells to Vancil to protect Zone 1 pipes.

Another option is to add a wet well at the Stewart Street pump station, but that would require starting and stopping the pumps which costs more in power and wear & tear on pumps . Perhaps another option is to use the existing round reservoir instead of building a wet well. This would reduce, perhaps eliminate, the starting and stopping of the well pumps and reduce the amount of water pumped to Vancil. If the round Stewart Street reservoir is shown to need replacing, a tank sized to meet average day usage would eliminate the need to pump Zone 1 water to Vancil on many days.
Note: Although Campton Hts. is in the planning area I do not think it had been annexed into Fortuna in '67.

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