Proposed change to the Humboldt County Code
Title II - Administration
Division 6 - Buildings and Property
Chapter 2.6 - Use of County Property for Constitutionally Protected Activities

SUMMARY of intent:

Members of the public should have the right to reasonably engage in free speech, peaceful assembly and/or petitioning the government at all hours of the day or night, seven days a week on the grounds of County property unless their actions prevent public access to a County building; create an immediate danger to health, safety, or property; or the property is exempted or specifically regulated following a rigorous process defined by the Humboldt County Codes. Absent an action by the Board of Supervisors or an immediate danger to public health, safety, or property any interference by law enforcement personnel, or other members of the public, is improper and a criminal abridgement of civil rights. There is no right to, and there should be no permitting process allowing, the exclusive right to use public grounds.

To provide protection for the Constitutional rights of free speech, peaceful assembly and /or petitioning the government on public lands a new chapter is proposed for the Humboldt County Code.

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